Yes, you, my stalkers! You had your chance to Ask Me Anything, now it’s my turn to ask you, “Who are You?”

And before we go any further, yes, I am totally stealing this idea from Jenni…AGAIN!

Every day, I get a lot of hits to my little corner of the blogosphere but not many of you leave your mark. Today’s the day to come out of lurkdom! I want to know all about you!

Here’s what I want to know:

  1. Who are you? 
  2. How did you find me?
  3. Do you have a blog? (Make sure you leave a link!)
  4. Why do you like reading my blog?
  5. Leave a question for me! I’ll be answering them next week!

Don’t be shy! Step on up! Who will be the first one to unveil themselves?

*Psst…even if I already “know” you,  make sure you play along!!

Play along with your three words! Link up here:

You can find more information on your three words, HERE!

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