Making chocolate chip waffles has become the normal Saturday morning routine in our house. I know 2 year olds don’t really understand the concept of time and dates but every Saturday he wakes up and shouts “Makin’ chocit chips?” Maybe it’s because Daddy gets him up on Saturdays and that’s his clue. But don’t stand in his way from making the waffles.

The thing I love most about this is that I get to stay in bed. The hubster usually goes and gets E from bed and tells him to be quiet because “Mommy is sleeping.” This makes me laugh because quiet is not in that child’s vocabulary. I normally hang out in bed for about 15 minutes but then the smell reaches the bedroom.

And I come down to this.

And I leave you with E’s first ever made up song. I really need to catch this on video.

“Chocit chip
Chocit chip
Chocit chip a me
Chocit chip a you
Chocit chip


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