Finally, we have a weekend where we have nothing planned! No sessions, no parties, nothing! We may take a trip to the zoo to check out their new exhibit if the weather holds out. But other than that I plan on lounging around the house (although I’m sure the hubster has other plans, cleaning, in mind).
We may even start hardcore potty training. E sat and went on the potty this morning. He asked to use it and went! He even pulled his pants up and was so proud of himself. As I was putting on his diaper, we had the following conversation.
Me: Do you want to wear big boy undies like Braeden (his cousin)?
Me: No more diapers?

My plan is to get some undies (probably Thomas and Blues Clues) and just let him try all weekend. I know there will be many accidents, I am not kidding myself. I forsee a few loads of laundry this weekend. But I think this is what he needs!

Not a stalker follower yet? What are you waiting for? I know you want to see how E does with his potty training!

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