This holiday season, I am all about saving money. I mean, really who isn’t? If I’m shopping online, I check ebates {are you using it? why not?!}, Retail Me Not and various other coupon code sites. When I go out shopping in the stores, I printing every coupon I can find. And usually that pays off for me.

But the best deal I got so far, didn’t even require a coupon!

This year, my office holiday part is having a White Elephant Exchange. The spending limit is $10 and the theme is holiday decor. There is also going to be prizes for the following categories: funniest, most unique, and best bargain.

I think I’m definitely winning best bargain.

Here is what I got…

Spode Collection Octagonal Bowl

Original Price: $83
Discount: 90%
Final Price: $7.99!

I am even contemplating leaving the price tag on as proof! I think I have this one in the bag.
What are your three words this week?


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