Today officially starts the Easter festivities. Shortly, we are leaving to head to my sister’s so all the kids can dye Easter eggs together. That should be interesting. We are also hoping to get some Easter pictures squeezed in (yes, I know. I am a semi-photographer and I still haven’t taken E’s Easter’s pictures). We may even go see the Easter bunny, we’ll see. They are kinda creepy.
Tomorrow, we have a little break and have nothing on the agenda (I have a newborn session but that doesn’t count). 
Then Sunday is busy day!
We will start the day with church and head to MIL’s for Easter brunch. We’ll hang out there for a few hours before it’s time to head to my sister’s for Easter linner. Yes, linner. 3 pm is not dinner.
She is going all out this year. She’s setting up an Easter Egg Scavenger hunt for the kids. She already sorted out all the eggs and made sure everyone got an equal amount. Then we will probably wait around for my father (who will most likely be out for a scoot since it’s supposed to be gorgeous). When he arrives, we’ll eat!
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