The call came at 5:25 this morning. The other call came at 5:45. I really need to find a way to teach E all about the two hour delay/snow day thing.

Before E, I would get that call, roll back to sleep, get up at 9 and be at work by 10. It was glorious.

Now, not so much.

It’s now 7:00 and we’ve watched 3 Thomas the Train On Demands. They really should make those Thomas episodes longer than 6 minutes. Just when I would get him to relax and almost fall asleep (and I would almost be asleep, too!), the show would be over. He would pop his head up and ask for more “Whombas.”

We have now moved onto Blue’s Clues.

Did I mention how tired I was? I would stop for some coffee but don’t you know Starbucks is a lot of points. I mean A LOT. And who wants to waste all their points on 16 oz of coffee?

So when do they get the concept of a snow day? Please tell me soon!

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