Rita’s is open!!!! Can you tell I am excited? When I saw the sign out, I just could not pass them by. I tried Raspberry (not to be confused with Blue Raspberry). I think I found my favorite flavor for the year. And if stopping on Monday wasn’t enough, we stopped again last night. This time I had the Chocolate Chocolate Chip. I know, I know. I’ve been bad with the no chocolate/caffeine this week. But it was worth it!
The first water ice of the year means that summer will be right around the corner. A summer where we will consume obscene amounts of water ice and ice cream and cook out most nights. We are already starting to plan E’s birthday party and our summer vacation (which I desperately need now).
This week has been gorgeous out (high 50s, low 60s) and there are only a few traces of snow left on the ground. I hope that this weather sticks with us! If I see snow again, it better be in December.

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