Today is my grandfather’s 80th birthday. Or maybe it’s not.

You see my grandfather’s birth certificate is wrong. His birth certificate says the 5th but he was really born the 3rd. We think.


Last Friday, we had family Wii Night (which actually didn’t involve the Wii afterall) to celebrate his birthday. He didn’t want a party. He didn’t want to go out to dinner. He didn’t want any gifts either.

We always find a way to get around the “No Gift” Rule. My sister and I had the kids draw him a picture.

Ethan “painted” a lovely abstract.

Adriana did a portrait.


And Sophia blew us away. She created a whole golf scene (my grandfather’s favorite past time). I just could not get over how great her picture was!


Of course, he loved them all and he is going to hang them in  his office!

Happy Birthday Pop-Pop!


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