What is with all the lady bugs? Every where I turn in my house, there’s another one. For some reason, they really love my bedroom. There’s about 4 crawling around up there now.
E thinks that the lady bugs are HI-larious. When he sees one, he screams and runs for it. I have to keep an eye on him or else he tries to pick them and squishes them. We do not kill lady bugs in our house. Spiders, yes. Lady bugs, no.
Most times, I will pick the lady bug up and let E hold it. He thinks its funny and says “Tickle” when the lady bug starts crawling. I was so happy when I finally was able to snap a picture of his holding one. But that darn lady bug keep crawling away.
Don’t worry, she was not harmed. Just as E was about to close his hand, I took her and released her back into the wild.

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