Over the weekend, we were visiting with my parents. While the kids were playing, we started talking about the new iPhone release and how some people were disappointed with the “minor” changes that were made. I said something to the effect of “what do people want? A freaking hologram?” And my dad answered, “Yes.”

The conversation then shifted to all the things that “kids these days” have. You know, the iThis&That, the DSs, the cell phones, the everything. While we were discussing this, my eight year old niece was using my iPad, the five year old niece was playing on the DS, and my three year old was watching a DVD.

As we continued chatting, we started to make a list of things that my children {and yours and yours} will never know.

Such as…

  • VCRs  ~ does anyone even still have these?
  • Cassette Tapes ~ I really miss a good mixed tape. 
  • Paying with cash ~ The only time I have to pay cash is at the farmer’s market, flea market, or fairs. And even then I have to hit the ATM {tap MAC, remember that?} before I go. 
  • Writing a check ~ Your bank does that for you! And if you are really lucky, most bills can be paid online with a credit card. We only have to write out a few checks each month {water, sewer, and daycare}. 
  • Snail Mail ~ Sadly, postal mail is almost obsolete. It’s very rare that we get a ton of mail. What we get in a week is probably what my parents used to get in a few days. Which brings me to…
  • Catalogs ~ Every time I get a catalog in the mail, I promptly hop on the website and cancel the catalog. What do I need the catalog for if I can browse it online?
I was having one of those moments were my mind was blown thinking about what in the world is someone going to come up with next. Seriously, think about that for a minute. Think about all of the new technology we have had in the past 30 years {thanks to people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and many other leaders in the technology world}. Mind blowing right? 
It’s not going to stop. 

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