I have seen a ton of people posting their “Word of the Year” for 2014 and it got me thinking. Why not pick my own word? I hate making resolutions because, ultimately, I will break them and feel like a failure. Resolutions and I don’t work. Never have. Probably never will.

But a word. A word I could make work.

2014 word of the year

Better. It’s so simple. To be better. A better mom. Better my health. Be better organized. Just be a better person.

To accomplish this, I have set some mini-goals for myself. Little hurdles to jump over that will, in the long run, make me a better person.

Mini Goals for 2014

1. Drink more water. I have always struggled with this. When I am thirsty, I grab a Diet Coke instead of water. I need to break this bad habit.

2. Get more organized. I swear I live in a constant state of chaos. I can never find my keys when heading the door. I can never see my desk. And don’t get me started about my room. When it starts bothering me, then I know it’s bad. I can’t end up on an episode of Hoarders.

3. Move it. Move it. The only time you will find me really moving is when I am chasing a runaway two year old in Target or running to grab my coffee. In other words, I need to get moving more.

4. Be a Better Mom. Patience? I have none. And there are times when I fly off the handle too quickly. I need to get that in check. Also, I want to start doing more one-on-one things with each of the boys.

By choosing a word this year, instead of making silly resolutions like lose weight, I feel like I can feel like I accomplish something. Of all the times I have resolved to lose weight, I would do well for a few months and then say “F. I.”.

But not this year.

This year I will be better.

Did you chose a word for the year?

2014 Word of the Year Carnival

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