Since 2009, my family and I have been marching for babies. Why?

It started with this guy.

Ethan was born on May 31st at 35 weeks because I had a rare and life-threatening condition called HELLP. Ethan was a very lucky boy! With the help of some great doctors and nurses, E’s stay in the NICU was minimal { only 10 days}.

We were so very grateful for the support that we received while Ethan was in the NICU. The hospital staff, social workers, nurses and doctors were there for us 24/7. We were never made to feel like we couldn’t visit our baby or call to check in on him. When I was discharged, the nurses gave us a card with their phone numbers and schedules. They assured us that we could call whenever we wanted. When we visited E, they were always there by our sides telling us how he was doing, what to expect, what we could do.

Thankfully, after 10 long days, we got to bring our baby boy home.

Fast forward almost three years later, we received another reason to march for babies.

It continued with this guy.

Benny was born at 39 weeks and had hypoglycemia. Not to be out done by his big brother, he also had a 10 day stay in the NICU. We knew we were in good hands. Benny’s nurses were patient, compassionate, and so helpful, explaining his condition and being a shoulder to cry on. They answered questions, gave advice, and were just there when we needed someone.

Again, after 10 days, we brought our baby home.

After we brought Ethan home, we thought of ways that we could give back as a thank you for all the support we had received. We turned to the March of Dimes.

This is our fourth year Marching for Babies. We march so that one day all babies will be born healthy.

You can make a donation to my March for Babies team, HERE.

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