why are we should-ing all over ourselves

This line from Sex and the City has never been more true. As I was watching the episode for the hundredth time yesterday, it really got me thinking.

Why are we should-ing all over ourselves?

I’ve seen the posts on Facebook and other blogs about hating the “Hallmark” holidays for creating a competition between moms. One trying to out do the other.

We’ve all read the “Dear Mom on Her iPhone” post and the rebuttal posts that followed.


Why are we should-ing all over ourselves?

Why are you getting upset over what someone else decides to do? Is it because you think you should be doing it? Is it because you think others think you should be doing it?

I don’t play Leprechaun or Elf on the Shelf or whatever magical creature someone comes up with next because I think I should be doing it.

I don’t do it for likes on Instagram or Facebook.

I don’t do it for blog fodder.

I do it because of this face.


I do it because it brings joy to my children.

I do it to create memories.

We are should-ing all over ourselves and we have no one to blame but ourselves {myself including}. I have felt guilty a million times for sitting on my phone either playing or actually doing work while my kids were off playing at the park. You feel the guilt whenever you choose something for yourself over your child.

Even though we feel as if the guilt is being thrusted upon us by other moms and society as a whole, we, honestly, only have ourselves to blame.

We are placing this mom guilt on ourselves.

Why are we should-ing all ourselves?

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