Recently, I have been torturing myself. I have been looking at the houses that are for sale in our area. Although, we would both like to move out of our house (I think we are starting to out grow it), it is just not in the cards for us at the moment. Hubster, of course, thinks I am insane for looking. But, hey, you never know! There might a good deal out there. I wouldn’t want to miss it!

I emailed the hubster a ton of houses yesterday. There were some nice ones (but not our “dream house”). I guess he realized that there might be a possibility that we could move well before we planned. He suggested that we should start cleaning out, just in case. And that is how it started:

And really, it’s all my fault.

Once hubster got the idea in his head, there was no stopping him. He suggested that we start with the basement storage area. He figures if we clean that out it will give us more space to store (hide) our stuff. So we started.

Two years ago, I hosted Thanksgiving (again, what was I thinking?). We didn’t have enough dinnerware so I went searching for something cheap. And boy did I find it! I got 2 sets of dinnerware on clearance for $9.99 each! Of course that meant, we have 2 sets of dinnerware just sitting in our basement. Our current stuff is nice but it’s chipping. I love it and I hated the thought of packing it away. But our plates are dwindling. Hubster wants to sell the remaining set at a yard sale, but I don’t know if I can part with it just yet. They were a wedding present and I just hate to sell it. I thought about buying replacements but a) they are discontinued and I can’t find them on and b) they are stoneware and will just continue to chip and break. So, away they went!

And of course, we just couldn’t swap out the old stuff. Oh no, we had to reorganize the entire kitchen. I wanted to be done by 8:00. That didn’t happen. BUT, our kitchen is nice and organized and I am kind of looking forward to using the new dishes. There are plain, white (which I hear is considered timeless) so my dinners will stand out! And hubster did a great job arranging them in the cabinets. It almost (almost) makes me wish that we had glass doors on the cabinets (maybe when we do the renovations).

This is only the beginning. I think I am getting a break tonight since we are going to my parents for dinner. We didn’t finish the entire storage area, but did get three tubs cleared out. After the basement, he plans on us attacking the guest bedroom (aka the dumping ground). That is going to take a long time. There is a ton of junk up there!

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