Is there anything better than fresh homemade basil pesto? Whip some up in less than 10 minutes and enjoy it with one of these recipes!

Making homemade basil pesto is super easy! I always have some fresh basil on hand thanks to my herb garden and when it’s time to harvest I whip up some homemade basil pesto. 

I love using my homemade basil pesto on this Caprese Pasta Salad. It’s the perfect pasta salad for your next picnic or family gathering. 

But I am always looking for more ways to use my homemade basil pesto! Below are some of my favorite ways. 



Pasta is probably the number one way to use homemade basil pesto! Go beyond just slathering it on top of pasta and check out these yummy recipes. 

Pesto & Veggies

Pesto and veggies go hand in hand! Spiral some zucchini or just simply toss over roasted veggies and you have a delicious meal. 

More Pesto Recipes

Here are some more fun recipes using pesto! Which one will you try?

Ready to make homemade basil pesto? You can find my step-by-step instructions HERE!

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