For the craft-challenged moms, this Valentine’s Day Love Mug made with Sharpie markers is an easy Valentine’s Day craft you can make in 15 minutes one afternoon. Fire the mug in the oven for 30 minutes on another afternoon, and you’re finished. Easy peasy!

Valentine's Day Love Mug Made with a Sharpie

I’ve recently developed an addiction for oil-based Sharpie markers to go along with my general addiction to colorful Sharpie markers. The gold and silver Sharpie markers add a bit of sparkle to projects especially at Christmas time and Valentine’s Day. They also come in red, blue, white, pink, and yellow along with pastel shades of blue and green. I’ve found packs of oil-based Sharpie markers at my local Home Depot and Staples. Packs of 5 markers are usually under $13.


  • White dollar store mug
  • Oil-based Sharpie markers of your choice


How to Make the Love Mug

1. Wash your dollar store mug to make sure it’s clean.

2. Do your Sharpie marker thing on the mug. If you’re feeling craft-challenged, keep the drawing and sentiment simple. Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

  • Love
  • Heart drawing
  • I love you
  • You’re mine
  • Only you
  • Their initial in a heart
  • Dots, dashes
  • Tiny hearts in fun spots

3. Let the drawing completely dry. Then, place the mug in a cold oven and turn it on to 350 degrees. Heat the mug for 30 minutes. Don’t start with a preheated oven. Starting with a cold oven allows the oil-based marker to bond with the ceramic finish.


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