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A day late but it was worth it. 
Holly at Domestic Dork hosted the very first Valentine’s Day Blog Exchange. It was really simple. Sign up and she would assign you a partner. You then buy your partner something Valentine’s day related. She encouraged the gift to be handmade but it didn’t have to be. She also tried to pair people help who were geographically close. Well, she did a good job with my partner! She lives about 15 minutes from me. 
When I saw that I was paired with Brittany at Little Miss Scatterbrained and I saw where she was located, I decided to suggest meeting instead of paying for shipping. It seemed so silly to ship something to someone so close. Thankfully, she didn’t think I was a crazy from the interwebz and agreed.
But snow stood in our way. 
Every time we planned a day, it snowed. And snowed. And snowed some more. Finally, we were able to meet last night at Panera (yum!). And guess what? It snowed! But not enough to keep us from getting together. 
We had some yummy food, chatted about everything, and exchanged our gifts. 
After reading Brittany’s blog, I knew immediately what I wanted to get her. She had mentioned in a post that she wanted to get a big girl camera and learn how to use it. Seeing that I am a semi-pro (and I use that term loosely), I figured getting her something camera related would be perfect. 
I am really not crafty so I turned to Etsy. And here is what I came up with.
 Camera Wrist Strap (Seller Lovely Duds)
And she loved it (yay!)!
Then it was my turn. Brittany makes record bowls. I think this is about the coolest thing (mainly because I would probably burn the house down if I attempted to make one). 
She also made this awesome felt “Love” banner. 
I can already see me using this in an Engagement session!
Brittany was also sweet enough to think of E! She made him this adorable felt “doll” (we’ll call it an action figure in front of the hubster). And I am proud to say that I have the very first one. Get in line for yours, it’s all mine!
I think he loves it!

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