I am a little hesitant to even post this, but it seems like Benny has turned a corner.

Yesterday, I was discharged from the hospital…without my baby. I’m not gonna lie. It was an emotional day for me {and the hubster}. Not just because I wouldn’t be able to walk down and see him whenever I wanted but because at that point we didn’t know what was going on with him and the doctors didn’t have a plan. Before I left, his doctor assured me that b the time we came back for his dinner bottle she would have a plan.

And she did.

When we got to the NICU, Ben was getting a head ultrasound. Imagine all that goop on a tiny little head! They were ruling out a very rare condition. Since the test was simple and non-invasive, she wanted to get that done and out of the way. Ben passed! So we can cross that off the list.

After his ultrasound, I was able to feed him. He drank almost 2 ounces for me {the most he’s done the entire time}. While he was eating, we noticed how he was more alert and acting more like a newborn. For the past couple of days, he was just kinda laying there and would open his eyes for a few seconds then go back to sleep. I don’t blame him either. His little body was going through a lot.

But last night, he was a complete different baby. He was staring at daddy, cooing while he ate, and actually interested in eating. He was rooting around and attacking the bottle. Needless to say, this really helped the hubster and I feel 100% better.

After his bottle, his doctor came over to give us the plan. After consulting CHOP and Pennsylvania Hospital, they all agreed that Ben desired a chance to prove himself. They decided that they would try to wean him off the glucose IV and go to straight formula. They inserted a feeding tube last night so that he could get a continuous feed of formula and get off the IV.

I am happy to report that when the hubster checked on him this morning, we found out his IV was down 2 CCs. One more feed and he will be off the IV for good! Our thoughts and prayers definitely worked last night.

Today they hope to have him off the IV completely and on the continuous feed through the feeding tube. He will still get his regular feedings {which means we will get to hold and snuggle with him}. Once he shows he is doing well with the tube, they will start to wean him off of the feeding tube and he will just be on bottle feeds!

After that, HE CAN COME HOME!!!

Please keep the thoughts and prayers coming! They are obviously working.

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