I know, I know. It’s August 18th and I am already thinking about Halloween. I can’t help it! It’s everywhere in the stores. You walk into any store and BAM!. Halloween is in your face.

I spent the better part of my morning working looking at Halloween costumes. You have your usual pumpkin, monster, and football player. They were cute but not what I wanted. I came across some unusual costumes and just plain hilarious.

Here are my findings (all costumes from Brands On Sale):

Boogie Nights!

Doesn’t every parent want their little girl to be a show girl?

This one is just too funny!

I know a little girl who look adorable in this!

Too soon?

So I still don’t know what E is going to be for Halloween. I’m thinking maybe a Scarecrow. Who knows? I will probably change my mind a million times between now and then. Any ideas?

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