You know you have one. We all do. Hopefully, you only have one. Most toxic friends would fall into the category of frenemy. But then there are the ones who just fly under the radar and are just a little toxic.

I’ve had 2 toxic friends in my life so far. I’m sure more will pop in and out of my life.

I recently had to get rid of a toxic friend. It was a long time coming. She was (is) like a sister to me. Eventhough, I have cut ties with her right now, I would still be there for her if she needed me.

She’s not the type of toxic friend you might be thinking about. She’s not the kind to stab you in the back, blab your personal information to other people, etc. She’s the needy kind. The one who can’t make any decisions for herself. The one who only comes to you when she needs help.

The last time I saw her was when I was in the hospital after having E. She stopped by with some water ice to see me and the baby. She was so excited to meet him and kept talking about babysitting and coming to visit. I’m glad I didn’t hold my breath.

The next time I spoke to her was the week of E’s baptism (3 months later). She called to tell me she wouldn’t be there because (insert newest drama here).

And that’s when I made the decision. I couldn’t do it anymore. I tried my hardest to help her out when her parents passed away. I was there for her during the bazillion times she thought her boyfriend was cheating on her. And then the lastest drama. I just couldn’t be there. I had just gone back to work so I was dealing with that. Plus, at that time, we were trying to figure out E’s reflux issues. I had my own life to take care of.

Her birthday was last week. I sent a card and some pictures of E. I received nothing. No phone call, no email, nothing. For all I know, she has dropped off the face of the earth. And that makes me sad.

We were close once and I think that the possibility is still there. She just has too much baggage. And I hope, for her sake, she get’s it all straightened out.

I also hope she knows I will always be there. Even if it doesn’t seem like it right now.

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