Up next in the 2012 Holiday Gift Guide are my top 5 gifts for boys!

holiday gift guide for boys

1. Legos – Ethan has recently gotten into Legos and put a ton on his Christmas wish list. You can’t go wrong with Legos!

2. Samurai Megazord – If your boy is anything like mine, then he is obsessed with Power Rangers! The Samurai Megazord is a must. What I love most about this Megazord is that it comes apart into 5 separate action figures. Great for sharing!

3. Hexbugs – I have to admit, this is one toy that I love playing with. Hexbugs are great stucking stuffers!

4. Madagascar 3 – We always get Ethan a movie for Christmas. We already have Madagascar 1 & 2 so we might as well add number 3 to the collection!

5. Hot Wheels Wall Tracks -Ethan got a Hot Wheels Wall Track last year and loved it. He saw one in the store the other day and asked for another!

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