I know I won’t be getting much from the hubster this Christmas {if anything}. Money is tight and we once again promised each other we wouldn’t do presents. Besides, Christmas is more for the kids, isn’t it?

But a girl can dream can’t she?

I know asking for a camera upgrade is totally out of the question. But if I could, I would want this bad boy.

The Nikon D300…one day…one day.

Another piece of gear I would love to add to my collection is the Nikon 85mm. It’s a great portrait lens and would be a great benefit to me!

Now onto the shiny stuff. What girl doesn’t love shiny stuff?!

I have been wanting this necklace from Lisa Leonard for a very long time. I know once we find out what we are having {and give the child a name}, I will be ordering one of these.

Since this is a wish list, I think I’d ask for a new car. With the baby on the way, I am thinking it was a bad idea to when we traded in our SUV. I miss it {especially when I try to cram in all of my newborn session crap in the little car}.  I am hoping that when the lease is up on the hubster’s car that maybe we’ll get another SUV again.

And I think it would take Santa himself for me to get my new couch. Yes, the same couch I’ve talked about twice already. The same couch I thought we were getting months and months ago.

What’s on your list for Santa this year?


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