On our very first trip out to Target {I know, I know} with both kids, the hubster and I scratched our heads and said, “How do we do this?”. Truth be told, I never thought about how we would go out shopping with both kids.

Enter the “huge cart.” {That’s what E calls it.} You know the ones, with the extra seat on the back {or is it the front?}. Thank goodness Target has these huge carts. E loves sitting in the back {front} and B is pretty content on top, especially now that he can sit in the seat.

But when I’m all by myself…watch out! I have a hard time steering the damn cart and E doesn’t help with jumping around or off the cart.

The grocery store is a whole other ball game. When Ben wasn’t able to sit in the seat, I had a dilemma on my hands. The car seat didn’t fit in the bucket. I couldn’t put the car seat in the cart. Where would I put all the groceries?

Enter the wrap.

I wore that baby every time we went to the grocery store. It was a God-send. He would sleep and I wouldn’t have to rush in the store.

Then there are the car carts. I hate those things. E loves them! Guess who wins that battle?

He practically begs to ride in them. But I have to remember to buckle him in or else he just jumps right out and runs around the store {and adds what he wants to the cart}!

I couldn’t even imagine going to the store if I had a third. The hubster and I were just talking about this very thing the other night in the car {no, we are not planning on having another. We were just talking.}. He asked “Where do you put the third one in the car?” Silly hubster.

You don’t squeeze them in back, you buy a new car!


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