To say my son is addicted to the iPad is an understatement. I mean what’s not to love. He has every show kid’s show known to man at his finger tips along with every new “it” game. He has mastered the NetFlix app along with beating me in Angry Birds. But I knew I needed to get some educational apps for him. I scoured the list of iPad Reading Apps for Preschoolers to find the very best ones!

Now when he’s not glued to the cartoons or playing games, I find him hitting the educational apps and really enjoying them. He’s only three but he loves books. He loves to be read to. He loves to do picture walks and has shown a true interest in learning to read. We frequent the library often for new books to read but I figured why not tie in one of his favorite things to do with the reading.

There are so many iPad Reading apps for preschoolers to choose from out there but, so far, here are his favorites. Wanna hear the best part? Most are free!

Best iPad Apps for Preschoolers

The Best iPad Apps for Preschoolers

1. The Three Little Pigs: The classic story is given a modern edge. There are so many interactive qualities of the story: touch the pigs to hear additional dialogue and help the wolf blow the pigs’ houses down. You can choose to listen to the story or read it yourself. Price: FREE


2. Preschool 15 in 1 : Think of this as Preschool in an App. There are 15 different categories to choose from, such as Math and Reading. This app has such a variety that your preschooler will not tire of it! I know mine doesn’t. Price: $0.99 


3. The Cat in the Hat {Lite}: Another classic children’s book turned into an App. The only downside of the lite version is that it only contains the first ten pages of the book but that hasn’t stopped my kiddo from loving it. You can buy the full version as well. As the story is narrated, the words are highlighted so it is easy for children to follow along. There is also a read on my own version. Price: FREE for the Lite Edition; $3.99 for the Full Version


4. SparklefishThe Mad Libs for youngsters! Complete funny stories with nouns, adjectives and verbs. You can even record your voice to complete the story. Four different stories are included and the possibilities are endless. Price: FREE


5. PlayTales: PlayTales stories are designed to help develop children’s creativity and intelect. These stories will have the youngest ones entertained and more interested in reading with 100+ titles and 8 languages avaialbe to them inside the PlayTales catalog. Price: FREE

6. Starfall: This is by far E’s favorite game. He even chooses to play this over watching a show! The app version of Starfall is the “ABCs” section of the Starfall website. The activities motivate through positive reinforcement and play. Price: $2.99 {and totally worth it!}

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