A few months ago, I shared with you our favorite iPad reading apps for pre-schoolers. Anyone who knows E, E knows that he loves the iPad. Whether it’s watching a movie on Netflix or playing a game, that kid is attached to it. I think he uses it more than I do {and probably knows how to do more things}. Well Benny sees big brother E on the iPad and has recently taken interest in checking it out himself. I didn’t think he would get it but then again the kids likes to bang on everything and anything. I set out to look for the best iPad apps for toddlers that would keep him entertained for a few minutes. Enough time for me to get something accomplished!

I was happy to find quite a few iPad apps that would hold his attention and had some type of educational value.

Best iPad Apps for Toddlers

best ipad apps for toddlers

1. Baby’s Musical HandsThis was one of the first apps that I downloaded for Benny. He loves to sit and bang on the screen to make music. I have to admit we all get into this one! Baby’s Musical Hands is a musical toy for babies and toddlers for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. On the iPad, it features 15 brightly colored squares that your baby can touch. Red squares make drum sounds, yellow squares play piano notes, and blue squares play guitar notes. Price: $0.99 {Available for iPad and iPhone}


2. Peek-A-ZooAnother family favorite is Peek-A-Zoo. Benny loves the “Meet the Animals” feature and cackles every time the animals pop up to say peek-a-boo! Watch your child roar along with the majestic lion, blow bubbles with a swimming polar bear, crow with a proud peacock – these and other magnificent Peek-a-Zoo animals will teach your child animal names and sounds in an unforgettable way. Price: FREE {There is also a paid version which we went with for $1.99 – totally worth it!}

3. AlphaBaby – I recently started to introduce letters and letter sounds to Benny. This app has helped. Again, since he likes to bang on the screen, this app reacts to his touch and says the letter. I also love that you can record your own voice for the letters! Price: FREE 

4. Moo Baa La La LaThis is one of Benny’s all time favorite books so I had to check out the app. It has a hefty price tag of $3.99 but it is totally worth it. Sandra Boynton’s best-selling book of all time comes alive with sound and movement and gloriously unpredictable interactivity. The wryly inventive Moo, Baa, La La La! digital book app will intrigue and amuse little kids and big people alike, and perhaps even elicit an appreciative snort from the occasional uninvited rhinoceros. Price: $3.99

5. ClickySticky – This is an app that E and Benny both enjoy and can play together. They have a blast using their imaginations with this animated sticker book app. Watch your kids interact with fun characters while learning about fish, airplanes and many animals. Each sticker character can be scaled, rotated and dragged onto each imaginary scene. ClickySticky includes ocean, aviation, space, dolls, arctic winter, and safari scenes. Price: $0.99

6. I Hear Ewe – This app is a great way to introduce your toddler to animals and vehicles! It also helps develop your toddler’s motor skills while keeping them entertained. Entertain and educate your toddler with this simple game full of 24 different authentic animal sounds and 12 different vehicle sounds. When your baby taps on an animal or vehicle icon, the game will verbally announce what type of animal or vehicle it is and play a recording of its real sound.  Price: FREE

What’s your favorite iPad app for toddlers?

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