A few Christmases ago, my Father-in-Law converted a bunch of home movies over to DVD and gave copies out to the family. My husband and his brothers had so much fun looking back on those movies and laughing while they watched on Christmas morning.

My own family has a box full of home movies laying around that I know we watched a total of one time. I know that because I broke my collarbone during our family video viewing night. Those movies haven’t seen the light of day since then.

A lot of the video taken was of the holidays: my sister and I opening up our presents, family gathered for dinner. Having children of my own now, it would be interesting to watch the 5 year old Steph’s wide eyes as she came down the steps on Christmas morning to see that Santa had come! I can watch that moment through the eyes of a parent and understand what my parents felt on those mornings.

christmas memories

Watching my husband’s home movies from his childhood has made me want to dust off my childhood movies and have them converted. So we can watch them (without anyone breaking bones…hopefully) and look back and laugh. Not only do I want them for myself but I want them for my kids as well.

We live in such a digital age and they have tons of videos of themselves. I am so thankful that my husband made it a priority to video tape all the major events in their lives. From Christmas morning to baseball games, they have a living memories of the themselves.


Just like they enjoy looking back on photographs of mom and dad when they were “little kids”, I know they would get a kick of seeing us on video!

They could laugh at our questionable hair style choices (and clothing for that matter).

christmas memories

Or see what our favorite Christmas present was when we were kids. Was anyone else a Rainbow Brite fan?

christmas memories

We wouldn’t want to deny them of that, now would we?

While you are visiting your parents or family members this holiday season have everyone dust off their old videotapes and send them in to be preserved.  Each family member can place their own transfer service orders or they can combine the videos and order their own customized DVDs after the transfers are complete.

YesVideo accepts VHS tapes, camcorder tapes, movie film reels and 35mm slides. YesVideo’s process is very safe & secure. They handle customers’ memories as if they were their own. Their Memory Factory contains surveillance cameras at every stage, and digital copies of the transferred videos are archived for added security.

For your convenience, you can place your order at the photo counter of any CostcoSam’s ClubWalmart or CVS/pharmacy.

Home movie memories make a special and unique holiday gift. While orders typically take 3-4 weeks to complete, please allow extra time as Holiday season is a very busy time in the Memory Factory. Learn more about Holiday ordering deadlines at www.yesvideo.com/yvsymmary_social.html

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