Benjamin John Glover
5.14.11 at 3:43pm
5lbs 13oz and 18in
{and yes, those are the correct stats, I got them straight from mama herself ;}

Um, have you ever seen a cuter baby? Like, ever? He is so perfect! I just want to kiss on his cheeks!

So, I talked to Steph this morning and she sounds great. Ben is in the NICU because he is having a difficult time stabilizing his blood sugar levels {likely a side affect of his traumatic birth} so please keep him in your thoughts & prayers today. Steph said he had a great night, so they’re hoping that he is able to bust out of the NICU sometime soon. Fingers crossed! I’ll post any updates as I get them…

Congrats again to the Glover Family on your sweet little boy! =)

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