When I had my first son, I wanted to do it all on my own. Everyone offered their advice from my mom, mother-in-law, friends and even strangers. But as a new mom, I wanted to figure it out all by myself. 
After having baby #2, I quickly learned that maybe taking a tip or two from other moms might not be so bad. I mean I could listen, take it in and then figure out if it would work for me.
So here I am giving you some advice. Not advice on how to get your child to sleep through the night or what you should feed him/her. I’m going to give you advice on how to survive the first few weeks being home with your baby. Advice, now looking back, I wish I would have taken the first time around. 
1.    Accept help. Everyone is going to offer you help and as a new mom you will probably think ‘I can do this on my own.’ I know I thought that many times but if there is one thing I learned – take the help while you can get it because it will dry up very fast!
2.    Sleep when the baby sleeps. This is something I learned the hard way. I often tried staying up during the day to get things done while the baby was asleep. But it never failed my little one would be up all night and I would be left extremely exhausted! During the day, try to get as much sleep as you can even if that means taking multiple naps during the day. Do it…trust me! Soon your little cutie will be running around from the moment his/her eyes open and sleep will become a luxury.
3.    Limit yourself. As soon as I came home from the hospital with my first son, I tried jumping right back into doing the laundry and keeping up with the housework. My hubby would yell at me to sit down and sure enough within three days I reached complete exhaustion. Remember, the household chores will always be there – they aren’t going anywhere for a very long time.
4.    Find other new moms to hang out with. This is so important. I was the first one of my friends to have a child and after he was born I felt so alone. Luckily, I reconnected with a few friends that had babies the same age as mine and it was such a lifesaver for me. We got together weekly, talked on the phone and helped each other out. It’s a great support system to have especially when you are a new parent.
5.    No two babies are alike. It’s only natural for other mothers to talk about their child’s milestones and what they are doing at each stage. Just remember, every child is different. So what if your child walked at 13 months and not 9 months like others or your child was talking earlier while most kids his/her age barely spoke two words. It doesn’t mean anything. Your child will learn on his/her own terms, so don’t panic or compare.  Enjoy each stage of development because it is truly awesome to watch.
The first few weeks can feel like such a blur so remember to take it one day at a time. Your baby will only be little for so long, so cherish each moment. 


Life Without Pink
A big thank you to Tina of Life Without Pink for guest posting on Advice from the Aunties. Tina is a happily married mom of two very active little boys, Big A {5 yrs old} & Little B {2 yrs old}.  Every day is a learning experience for her. Her boys make her laugh, cry and sometimes want to pull her hair out but she is thankful that she gets to be home with them and watch them grow each day.

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