And boy was I! I have to admit they got me good. Here I was all miffed that I had to get off the couch to run an errand for the hubster and the whole time he was setting me up {note to self: he is not to be trusted ever again}!

When I walked into the spa, I was so worried that they wouldn’t give me the gift card I was supposedly picking up, that I was oblivious to anything going on around me. It took me a good minute to realize what the hell was going on. It wasn’t until I spotted Kelly that I put it all together. And then I was really surprised!

Even though I was tired and really wanted that nap {damn it!}, it was exactly what I needed. I got my nails did and my feet rubbed.

 And ate some really yummy cupcakes!

The girls seemed to enjoy themselves as well {hence the three empty champagne bottles!}.

I got some really great goodies too! I finally got the diaper bag I wanted and it was packed {diapers, bibs, you name it!}. I tested it out this weekend and it really holds a lot which is exactly what I wanted.

I also got the ever popular Rock and Play!

I highly recommend this idea to everyone for future baby shower planning. It is just what the momma-to-be needs!

Thanks again to Kelly, Jenni, my good friend, Renee, my sister, Lisa, my sister-in-law, Kim, my mom and MIL for this huge surprise! Also a big thank you to the girls at Symmetry Salon and Spa for staying open late and pampering my swollen feet!

Thanks Kelly and Jenni for the pictures!

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