Today is the first day of summer and many of my blogging friends are gearing up to start the season right. The Summer Blog Swap is live today! Bloggers have been paired up, posts have been swapped! I can not wait to read what everyone has in store for us.

And don’t think I would give you a post without some pictures. We started our own summer a little early with a trip to Morey’s Piers in Wildwood, New Jersey last weekend. Here’s a little sneak peek at all we did {full post coming next week}!

We ran to the ocean!

blog swap-2We put our toes in the swap-1

And wrote our names in the sand.

blog swap-3

We saw some new things at Morey’s Piers. blog swap-4

And watched some glass swap-5

And checked out all of the rides!blog swap-6

We had a great swap-7

And met some new swap-8

We made some sand soup!blog swap-10

And had a great weekend in Wildwood!blog swap-9

Make sure you check out all of the Summer Blog Swap posts!

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