This song has forever been ruined…by the hubster. We were driving home Monday night listening to Delilah (del…li…lah….love someone tooooniiggghhttt). A woman called in to thank her husband for saving her life…10 years ago. Can’t remember how the story goes but he made the decision for her to have a risky (life saving) surgery. She had been in a coma from an accident and couldn’t make the decision herself. Hubster wanted to know why it took this woman 10 years to finally thank her husband for saving her life.

Anywho, Delilah choose the song “Someone Save My Life Tonight” by Elton John to play for this woman’s husband. And here’s where it got comical.
My dear, dear hubster messes up the lyrics.
I literally could not breathe I was laughing so hard. At one point, he was singing about horses. I don’t even know where that came from.
And of course, once he sang “Sugar Bear”, he could NOT stop talking about Sugar Crisps. He was having a moment and recalling his favorite cereal when he was a kid. He loved Sugar Crisps. However, he did NOT like when they got soggy. He said they tasted like socks. I was still laughing and at this point, had tears streaming down my face. Socks? Seriously? How does he know what a soggy sock tastes like? I was too afraid to ask.

This song will never be the same for me…EVER.

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