On Friday, we make our annual trip to Pittsburgh to spend the week with the hubster’s grandparents. I look forward to this trip every year.

But this year, I am terrified.

Why you ask?

We will be traveling the 4 hour drive with an almost 7 week old. Sure he looks all calm in the picture but the minute we get in the car, forget it. Screaming ensues.

Then there’s the packing. There’s just too much shit to pack. There I said it. I mean look at the state of my trunk currently.
I hate that trunk. The damn box for the GPS makes it impossible to get anything large in there. We already gave up trying to bring the double stroller {we’re packing the Snap ‘n Go and the Piggy Back Rider}. The behemoth takes up the entire trunk so that leaves no where to put anything else. I am second guessing not bringing it but what can we do. I wouldn’t be able to get anything else in that trunk.
Then there’s the back seat. Again, gaze your eyes on that disaster.
We need a bigger car {but that’s not going to happen before Friday}.
Ok, so maybe I’m not terrified about the vacation. I am terrified about the ride out {and ride home}. Once we are there, everything will be fine.
We have a ton of fun things planned for us to do…
The hubster and I will also be having some date nights and seeing the nightlife {casino anyone?}.
While we are visiting the hot spots in Pittsburgh, I will be posting my reviews over on Blog with Love. Make sure you follow over there and on Twitter for the “Burgh with Love” special!


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