Two months people! TWO MONTHS!

This time in two months, you will be greeted with a birth announcement {posted by my good friend, Jenni} that baby no name was born!

This time in two months, I will be the mom of not one, but two boys.

This time in two months, it will all be over.

Is it just me or has the time flown? I feel like I just announced my pregnancy.

We have so much to do. I have a list. I just haven’t been able to cross anything off of it!

  1. Get baby’s room cleaned and straightened up.
  2. Wash baby clothes and put away.
  3. Get carseat from Mom & Dad’s.
  4. Buy E’s new carseat.
  5. Buy double stroller.
  6. Buy new bottles.
  7. Clean the house!
  8. Pack my bag.
  9. Pack E’s bag.
  10. Buy “Big Brother” and “Little Brother” shirts.
  11. Finalize his name!
  12. Pick out a new diaper bag.
  13. Stock up on diapers.
  14. Pick out coming home outfit.
  15. Pre-register at hospital.
  16. Make appointment to fill out paperwork.
  17. Buy misc. baby stuff. {a very long list in and of itself!}
  18. Drag out old baby stuff {I don’t even remember what we have}.
  19. Remain calm.

You see that list?! And I am sure that I am forgetting something{s}. It is going to be here before we know it! I better light a fire under my butt and get going!

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