Theme: 6 signs you are stressed out

It’s pretty easy to tell when I am truly stressed out. Let’s see for starters, I get very tired. Why you ask? Because I usually can’t sleep due to stressing out all night! I am actually currently in this stage right now. Funny thing is, I don’t know exactly what I am stressed about.

Then there’s the no motivation stage. Along with currently being exhausted, I am lacking in the motivation department. I set out to accomplish something and just can not bring myself to finish it. Can you blame me? My mind is obviously preoccupied with something else.

Then there’s the bitch stage. Fortunately for everyone around me, I have not reached this stage…yet.

After the bitch stage is the weepy puddle of goo stage, where everything makes me cry. Happy crying. Sad crying. Crying for no reason crying. I hate this stage. Hate it, hate it, hate it!

Then we move onto the take action stage. This is when I finally get my butt in gear and tackle whatever it is that is stressing me out. I wish I could jump right to this stage in the beginning but I have learned its a cycle. And for me to be successful at stomping out the stress, I must go through the entire cycle. Sucks I know.

And then we are back to being tired again. Because kicking stress’s butt is hard work after all!

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