6 things you loved or hated about school



1. Friends ~ Who doesn’t love their friends from high school (or even elementary school)? Maybe you are lucky and are still friends!

2. Projects ~ Yes, I was a nerd like that. I loved working on projects, especially the fun ones!

3. Summer Vacation ~ Come on, it’s the highlight of being in school. I miss my summer’s off!



4. The First Day of School~ The first day of school can be exciting but it can also be so miserable. Finding out who your teacher is, what classess you have, what lunch! I had a love/hate relationship with the first day of school.

5. Math ~ I had to take Geometry in the 10th grade and almost failed. I am no good at math. I just don’t get it, especially geometry.

6. Tests ~ I am a horrible test taker. I love writing papers and taking essay test but when it comes to Multiple Choice, True/False, and Matching, I suck. Big time!
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