Oh what I wouldn’t give to make over my living room. I probably complain about it at least twice every day.

There’s really not a lot that I can do with our current living room. We used to have it configured another way which worked great when it was just the two of us and when E couldn’t move. Once he started crawling around and walking, we had to make more space.

So what would I change?

First let’s start with the couch. Remember that new couch I was supposed to get? Yeah, it never happened. Don’t even get me started. So first, I would change that. I still love that couch and I am still pushing for it!

Next, I would get rid of our carpet. Our carpet has been destroyed by E. Between his puking episodes as a baby and his insistence to carry around a big boy cup, the carpet is a disaster. I would love to put laminate down and just have some cute area rugs.

Another area that needs to be addressed are our windows. We have 2 bay windows in our living room/dining room. We bought wooden blinds about 5 years ago. Due to me leaving the windows open during rain storms (opps!), they have warped and some have even broken. I would love to replace them with the same thing but this time remember to close the windows! I would also repaint the bay windows and maybe turn the one into a window seat. I would also finally add window treatments!

And finally, I would add adequate toy storage. What we have going on now is NOT working! I would love to get this from IKEA and put it under the bay window. It would fit perfectly!

Maybe, just maybe, my living room will look like this…

Well, maybe not quite like this but you get the idea!

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