6 Flavors of Ice Cream You Love…or Hate



1. Chocolate – I am a chocoholic. Enough said.

2. Cookies and Cream – Could it be any better? Oreos and Ice cream. I don’t think so.

3. Cookie Dough – Who doesn’t love eating the cookie dough while baking? Or just simply making a batch just for the sole purpose of eating it? Well that would be ludicrous wouldn’t it. Or would it?



1. Mint Chocolate Chip – I hate MINT. Hate it. Except for those Andes candies. And peppermint patties. Ok, ok, maybe I don’t hate mine. But I just don’t like it as ice cream.

2. Peanut Butter – Hubster loves anything peanut butter. I like peanut butter but in small doses. Peanut butter ice cream is just a little too much. Peanut butter overload.

3. Coffee – This is an odd one. I love coffee and all different kinds too. But as an ice cream, it is just so different. I just can’t explain it.

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