Poll a hundred moms and ask them what the one thing they want most in the world and 99 of them will answer with “I just want to sleep in!” This weekend, while attending #BBCPhilly, I got that chance. I joke a lot and say that all I want is to go to a hotel for a night so I can be by myself and sleep. I was fortunate enough to just that and stay at the amazing Omni Philadelphia hotel. Without kids. With a view like this.

view from omni philadelphia hotel

This bed? This bed is a king sized bed {something I dream of having one day} that I only had to share with my friend, Kelly. I didn’t have to share it with a 4 year old who woke up because he had a bad dream. I didn’t have to share it with a 1 year old who’s miserable from teething. I just had to share it with a friend who likes to take pictures of me sleeping {ahem}.

king size bed at omni philadelphia

Not only were we treated to a king size bed and an amazing view, we were welcomed with champagne and strawberries. Now, that will win any girl’s heart.

hotel room service at the omni philadelphia

I was greeted by the most helpful and friendly hotel staff that I ever encountered. The Omni hotel decor is warm and inviting, with chandeliers like this!

light fixture in lobby of omni philadelphia hotel

Now don’t get me wrong. I did miss my boys tremendously while I was gone. And I may or may not have squeezed their little faces off when I finally got home. But let’s face it, momma needs a break every now and then. And I want to thank the  Omni Hotel at Independence Park for giving me that wonderful opportunity to have a break!

omni hotel at independence park

The Omni Hotel is located in the heart of Independence National Historical Park and offers views of not only the park, but the Delaware River. This is a great location if you want to stroll around, see the Liberty Bell and visit Independence Hall.

Have you ever considered taking a little stay-cation in your home town just to get a break?

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