We have put away the Halloween decorations but I am finding it hard to put away all of the pumpkins. I love decorating with pumpkins throughout the Fall and wait until the tree is up to pack them up.

monster buddies-14

Last winter, the boys and I made these adorable Monster Buddies out of yarn. I was going to make some more pom-poms out of yarn as winter decorations and realized they would make the perfect pumpkins!

They are easy to whip up and make a cute decoration for your Thanksgiving decor. Hand them on jute as garland for your mantle, over your Thanksgiving table, or on your burlap wreath.

Simple Yarn Pumpkins


Supplies for Yarn Pumpkins


Wrap yarn around four fingers about 100 times. Just wrap and wrap and wrap.


Cut a 10 inch piece of yarn and stick it between your fingers to wrap it around the big yarn loop. Line up the piece of yarn in the middle of the yarn loop, and tie. Make sure you tie pretty tight!
You now have a little yarn pumpkin! Cut a 2 inch piece of pipe cleaner and tie to the pumpkin using the two loose strands of yarn. Wrap the pipe cleaner around itself to form the stem.
Once again using the loose strings on the pumpkin, tie them around the jute. Continue making pumpkins until you have enough for your garland.
If you don’t want to make a garland, these would look so cute down the middle of your Thanksgiving table or on your mantle.

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