If there is one piece of advice I could give for new parents who have taken the leap and had a second child, it would be to expect the unexpected.
I swear when Logan {baby #2} was born I felt like I had forgotten how to be a mother to an infant. I felt like Cameron, {baby #1} was always a toddler and I have very little recollection of what his first year was like. Repressed memory? Probably! If I had remembered all those sleepless nights and rough days there’s a good chance I would have stopped at one child.
OK, enough scaring the new parent’s…
I’ve found that the hardest thing about having two children, especially two boys is NOT comparing them to each other. Well, I guess that’s not the hardest thing, but it’s the thing I have to keep reminding myself not to do. My boys are such different people, although I’m not sure why I’m surprised by that, they’ve been different since conception.
I’ve been catching myself making comparisons since Logan’s very first day, and there have been times that doing so has made me worry and get upset unnecessarily. I’m talking milestones here. Logan was a little slower to be mobile. Logan was a little slower to be verbal. Comparing Logan to Cameron had me desperately questioning the doctor thinking there may be something “wrong”. As it turns out, every child is different, but as a new mother (the second time around) it can be difficult to grasp that concept.

It’s not just their developmental milestones that set them apart, their personalities are like night and day. Cameron is my little hot head, much like his mama. Logan is my chill baby most of the time, but push him the wrong way and look out, he’ll let you know about yourself, kind of like his daddy. Cameron is a little more careful and seems to actually feel pain. Logan is my miniature Evil Kenevil, taking every risk, and enduring some pretty ugly injuries with only a few tiny tears. 
Logan waiting for his stitches after his last misadventure
The way they adjusted to the big boy bed has also been very different and yet again I was taken by surprise. With Cameron we had to turn the doorknob around so we could lock him in. If we didn’t he would be wandering all over the place at all hours of the night. Cameron would also stay up late, sometimes as late at 11pm playing with everything he could get his hot little hands on. More often than not I would have to pick him up off the floor, where he fell asleep and put him into bed. Logan has given us almost a polar opposite experience with the big boy bed. We turned his doorknob around expecting him to try to escape like his brother had, but he really hasn’t. Logan is perfectly content going to bed at bedtime and I haven’t found him on his floor (or anywhere else for that matter) once.
Cameron’s 1st night in the big boy bed…He didn’t stay there. 
I guess what I’m getting at here is that each child is different. They all reach their milestones differently and at different times. They are sure to have different personalities even though they may come from the same set of parents. If they’re anything like my two, they will even experience pain differently. They might even be very different behaviorally.
It’s tough as a parent to stop yourself from making comparisons and judging one child based on the actions of the other. It’s tough, but it’s the fair thing to do for your children. Making that jump from one child to two is HUGE and just when you think you have it down they usually throw a little monkey wrench into the mix.
To all the second time new parents, welcome to the club and enjoy the ride. You’ll never cease to be amazed at how siblings will interact with each other.
My reason for being!


A big thank you to Mychal of My Life in Mommyland for guest posting on Advice from the Aunties. Mychal is the mother to two adorable little boys, Cameron {4} and Logan {2}. She lives in an Apple-centric house on the Hill with her husband, Bill, and fat cat, Princess Nittany. Stop on over and show her some love!

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