My family likes to tease me saying that I have second child syndrome. It’s the truth. I do. I don’t hide it. And I don’t try to hide it.

Second child syndrome = second child always gets jipped

That’s right. I said it.

Let’s examine my own childhood.

When naming my sister, my mother wanted to name her Stephanie. My dad didn’t “think she was a Stephanie” so they named her something else.

I came along {pematurel} and they name me on the way to the hospital. And what do I get? The reject name. Stephanie. No middle name, by the way {my sister has one}.

Ask my mom for my sister’s baby book and she’ll dig it up for you. But don’t dare ask for mine! Why? Because I don’t have one.

Almost every time my family gets together, the second child syndrome is brought up. We joke about it a lot and it is pretty funny. It is nothing that my parents did intentionally. It just happened.

And I understand why now.

I have been struggling a lot with this. How can I make sure that this child doesn’t feel jipped and fall prey to the Second Child Syndrome?

Then it hit me.

There is nothing I can do. It will happen. It’s natural.

So does it really matter that we are reusing E’s baby bedding and not redoing the room for baby #2? No it doesn’t.

Does it matter that we will probably never have to buy clothing for baby #2 because E had so much? No it doesn’t.

No matter how I hard I try to make things “equal”, he will no doubt at one point in his life make me feel like it wasn’t.

It’s just the nature of the beast!

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