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Living in a house with 2 boys means there are a lot of bathroom mishaps. From stepping in unknown puddles to toothpaste all over the mirror, there is always something going on in there. And the one thing that always seems to happen to me? The empty toilet paper roll. 

Close-up of finished toilet paper roll in bathroom

It never fails. I am in a hurry. I run into the bathroom and when I am finishing up I spot the empty roll. I check the back of the toilet tank where I keep spares and sure enough, that’s empty too. Can’t someone warn a girl before heading into the bathroom that there’s no TP. And then I have to do the call of shame. I call out to anyone who is in earshot to run down to the basement where our toilet paper resides and fetch me some rolls. 

I mean how humiliating. 


But at least I have a stash! Buying toilet paper in bulk is a must have for my family. We seem to go through it so quickly and someone (aka me) is always in need of a roll. Purchasing bulk packs like Scott® Bonus Pack at SAM’S CLUB ensures that we never run out. 

This comes in handy during the holidays when you have friends and family visiting more frequently which, of course, means more traffic in the bathroom. 


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