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We’ve been back to school for a week and I finally feel like we are in some sort of routine, especially when it comes to school lunches. It is very rare that my kids will buy lunch at school so I pack them a lunch almost every single day. Packed lunches are a great option when your child isn’t too fond of what the school has to offer or you want a little more control over what your child is eating.

But packing a lunch every day doesn’t do any good if your child doesn’t eat it or ends up trading most of it away for junk food. The key then is to find things that your child loves and enjoys eating. Packing school lunches is trial and error. 

School Lunches That Your Kids Will Actually Eat 


The best place to start is to get your child involved. Depending on the age of your kids, you could even put them in charge of making their own lunches. Not only do you know that they’ll pack something they will eat, being in charge of packing lunch will teach them responsibility.

Start by talking to your kids about what they want in their lunch box. Make a list of options and then head to the store so you have everything you need.


Younger children can help, too! Even your Kindergartener can wash grapes and put them into a container, or pick a snack for his lunch box. Get in the habit of making lunches together the night before. Over time you can give the kids more and more responsibility for their lunches. This alone will help make sure they eat what they’ve packed. After all, it’s the lunch they made. Along the way you’re teaching them independence and important life skills.


Encourage your kids to pack and eat healthy foods. Strike a balance and make compromises. If your kids pack and eat a healthy wrap or salad for example, let them have some cookies for dessert. Teach them to make good choices, but don’t freak out if they decide to pack some treats. Your goal is to get them to eat fairly healthy and make smart food choices, not restrict all access to junk food.


One way you can accomplish both is with DOLE MixationsDOLE® MIXATIONS™, is the newest, one-of-a-kind fruit fusion that’s a simple and delicious twist on two snack time staples: applesauce cups and fruit cups. DOLE MIXATIONS are the perfect way to deliver creative and flavorful fruit experiences during mealtime or any snacking occasion since they feature non-GMO* fruit, no high fructose corn syrup and no artificial flavors. Plus, they are naturally gluten free and rich in Vitamin C.

They are available in four satisfying varieties, including Apple-Strawberry Sauce with Apple Dices, Pineapple-Mango Sauce DOLE Mixations are surprising combinations of smooth fruit sauces and juicy chunks of real fruit. with Pineapple Pieces, Peach-Apple Sauce with Pineapple Pieces and Apple-Raspberry Sauce with Apple Dices.


Anything is possible with a little imagination, and DOLE MIXATIONS’S fun, inventive packaging evokes that with whimsical lids that you can customize with personal messages for your kids for an unexpected pick-me-up.  You can also add a pen to your youngsters’s lunch box and encourage them to express their creativity on the lid before they dive into the delicious fruit fusion.



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