Today is the 2-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy’s U.S. landfall.  Sandy affected 24 states, killed 162 people, caused more than $50 million in damage and damaged or destroyed 650,000 homes and hundreds of child care centers and schools.  It was the day that life turned upside down for thousands of children who suddenly lost everything – including their very sense of stability.  Save the Children is still working with many of these children to help them rebound.

hurricane sandy damage

I visited one of the areas that was devasted by Sandy a month later. It really helped put into perspective just how massive and destructive that hurricane was. Houses were ripped apart. Families lost everything. But the spirit of the people was amazing. They knew they would rise again. And they did.

But they are still in need of some help! So what can you do?

Help motivate families to get prepared, so that children are better protected from disaster. 

Save the Children’s recent poll shows that 49% of U.S. parents don’t feel the very prepared to protect their children from disaster. 51% don’t think their child’s school or child care center is very prepared either. And a whopping 74% of parents don’t think the federal government is prepared to protect their kids should disaster strike!

Do you have a disaster plan checklist for your family? Start with Save the Children’s to get your family prepared.

About Save the Children’s Journey of Hope


Losing your entire sense of stability at such a young age can be devastating.  Save the Children’s Journey of Hope program allows children to express their feelings and learn critical coping skills that allow them to bounce back and more forward.  Without adequate support, children often fall permanently behind in school while they grapple with intense sadness, depression and anger.  Two years after Hurricane Sandy, Save the Children continues our work with children in the hardest-hit communities in New York and New Jersey.

I am writing this post as PA/NJ Blogger for Social Good to help families #GetReady! #PANJ4Good

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