As I mentioned yesterday, the hubster and I attempted to take E to see Santa over the holiday weekend. We kept telling him that we were going to see Santa and he would get excited. He was even calling him on the way there.

We get to the mall and head straight for the Santa setup. E spots him, waves hi, and is trying to get out of his stroller. The hubster decided to take him and I stood on the sidelines trying to get my own picture. They chatted with Santa for a while. He asked E what he wanted for Christmas and suprising E answered him. Apparently, he wants a truck.

Then the moment of truth. The hubster went to sit him on Santa’s lap and E clung onto him for dear life. He was having none of it. I guess Santa is ok to look at and to talk to but turns into some horrible monster once you go sit on his lap.

We decided not to force him and to skip the screaming toddler with Santa picture.

Fast forward to Sunday. We were at the Home Depot (again). E loves to look at the inflatable yard decorations. We got rid of our Christmas decorations for the last year (they were getting yucky) and we needed something. E kept pointing at the inflatable 9ft Santa. The hubster was trying to convince me into getting it. I told him “No way.” They are too big and I hate them. He then showed me a 4 ft Santa. He kept using E as his excuse to get it. “Look how much he likes it,” “Look at the smile on his face”, etc.

I finally gave in. The kid’s face was lit up like a Christmas tree. How could I deny him this? We left with not 1 but 2 inflatable yard decorations (Santa and Frosty).

While E was taking a nap, the hubster set up all the outdoor decorations. When he woke up, he went to the front door. The look on his face was priceless. His eyes got really wide and he said “Whoa!” Of course, we had to go outside to check them out.

He loves his Santa. He was waving hi, shaking his hand, and kept saying “Whoa”.

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This may have to be his picture with Santa this year.
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