Rice Pudding Mini-Trifles — rice pudding layered with chocolate chips, blueberries, and strawberries.

Sometimes you need to do something to shake up your normal routine. Whether it’s walking to the park instead of driving or skipping your morning cup of coffee (say what?) for a smoothie. Or swapping your normal yogurt for a rice pudding. Yeah, rice pudding.

I was first introduced to rice pudding when on a trip to New York City a few years ago. We stopped at a rice pudding shop (yes it exists) and I was introduced to the wonderful world of rice pudding. I was hooked. I didn’t know there were a million ways you could spice up (or sweeten up) your rice pudding. So when I am looking to shake things up a bit, I’ll grab some rice pudding.

mini rice pudding trifle-35

One of the simplest things to do with rice pudding is to make a mini-trifle. Grab your favorite mix-ins and layer them up! My favorite? Berries and chocolate chips.

mini rice pudding trifle-20

And the best rice pudding? Kozy Shack® Rice Pudding  of course! Kozy Shack® Pudding is made with real, simple ingredients—and the perfect way to make your summertime celebrations even more special. Kozy Shack® Pudding tastes delicious straight out of the fridge, of course. But you can turn your everyday pudding into a special treat by adding fruit, spices and other toppings you already have at home. There is no wrong way to enjoy it!

rice pudding mini-trifles

What’s summer without gathering your friends and family together? Why not host your best friends for a pudding bar? Set up a mix-ins bar with a variety of fruits, granola, chocolate, even sprinkles and let your friends and family make their own mini-trifles. Talk about really shaking it up!

mini rice pudding trifle-22

Summer is here and it’s time to celebrate! Kozy Shack® is hosting the Summer of Pudding – a three- month celebration dedicated to enjoying the simple moments in life and making moments even more delicious with Kozy Shack® Pudding. This month they are celebrating National Rice Pudding Day on August 9! Find out more at Facebook.com/KozyShack and share their memories and ideas with the hashtag #SummerofPudding #KozyShack on Instagram and Twitter!

How do you like to enjoy your pudding? What toppings do you always have on hand? Something salty? Something sweet? Do you simply spoon some into a dish and smile? Do you like to top it with fruit, crunchy pretzels or whipped cream? How do you keep it simple and delicious?

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