Alone time.

Two little words that are such a big deal. Two little words that rarely happen in my world. I am sure in your’s too.

I recently received a text from a friend that read:

Enjoying some alone time at the eye doctor!

Yes, people. She was actually enjoying the eye doctor because it’s the only place she can be alone. And by alone, she means herself, her dilated eyes, and a doctor shining a bright light in your eye.

How sad is that?

And I will admit, I am guilty of the same thing. My alone time?

Going to Target. Alone.

This is not “me”time. This is just running an errand alone. But running that errand alone feels like heaven.

So I got to thinking. How do other moms find their alone time?

Personal Time

  • “My only alone time is in the car on my way to and from work.” – Sarah from Finnegan and the Hughes
  •  “Every Saturday morning my hubby takes my daughter out with him for a Starbucks run. I get to sleep in or just lie in bed. ” – Estelle from Musings on Motherhood & Midlife
  • “I like taking my son to football practice, it’s 2 hours long and I don’t even have to get out of the car. I usually read or scan Pinterest.” – Melinda from Look What Mom Found
  • “I enjoy my time alone on a run as much as I can. I also try to sneak in an extra hour before working at the hospital so that I can enjoy a Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks before I head in. People watching and silence are a beautiful thing sometimes.” – Lauryn from The Vintage Mom
  • “My favorite alone time is getting up early on weekend mornings and enjoying a cup of coffee in a quiet house before anyone else wakes up.” – Jessica from Found the Marbles
  • “The stay in the hospital after I had my last baby was the most alone time I have had in years! In fact, it felt like vacation!” – Lindsey from Sisters to Sons

Rarely, do we ever take a real break for ourselves. A break that will help us feel refreshed, clear our heads, and get some things done that we would otherwise struggle to accomplish.

Thankfully, I had that exact opportunity this weekend. My local social media group put together a working retreat for us at Mountaintop Lodge in Lake Naomi Club. When the retreat was announced, I was all “Yes, I am going.” But as time passed, the mom guilt crept in and I talked myself out of it.

And then I hit my wall. Everything the boys did aggravated me {whether it was truly aggravating or I just had had enough}. I had work to-do list that was growing by the minute because ’tis the season. My husband could sense that I was about to implode and he gave me the gentle push to commit to the retreat and book my spot.

And I am so glad he did.

The location could not have been more perfect: a lodge in the mountains.

mountaintop lodge lake naomi club

A room with a fireplace all to myself.

mountaintop lodge lake naomi club {Credit: Mountaintop Lodge}

And a great group that I knew would understand some of the roadblocks that I was having with my work.


Hands down the best investment in me time that I have ever taken. Better than a massage {but I would still like another one of those}. Better than a few hours alone at the house.

Going on this retreat made me realize that I need to let the Mommy Guilt go every now and then and put myself in a Mommy Time Out.

If I don’t, I am going to implode. And nobody wants that!

How do you make time for yourself?

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