Every year, I vow to respect the turkey. Every year, I find it harder to resist the urge to jump in Christmas mode after Halloween. The kiddo isn’t helping things either. He sees the commercials. He sees the decorations in the store.ย Just this past week, he begged me to start decorating. I explained to him that it was just too early. That wasn’t good enough because, you know, the tires are decorated before the candy hits the treat bags.

He finally came up with a plan to get me in Christmas mode. ย He asked for a small Christmas tree for his room. He promised to be a good boy and flashed his cutesy smile.

I caved.

But I swear I’m stopping there. Not another decoration is going up until at least Black Friday.

I also may or may not have been singing Christmas songs the other night on the way home. This is very out of character for me. Again, I blame the kid because he started singing first and how could I resist the cuteness. And I blame the radio stations for starting to play Christmas music already!

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