I make them.

I break them.

I make them again the following year. After all, a new year means a fresh start. But if we are being honest with ourselves, how many of us have really stuck with any of our New Year resolutions?

This year, I threw the word resolutions out the window! Instead, I am challenging myself. I am challenging myself to once and for all get rid of this “baby” weight {can I even use that as an excuse any more?}. I am challenging myself to save money and skip the fancy sugar-filled coffees. I love me a good challenge!

Ok, ok. So technically my “challenges” could be mistaken for resolutions. But hey, whatever can get me to stick to them, right?

Another challenge, I gave myself was to write more. And since, it’s better to do things as a group, I decided to host a blog swap! I challenged 26 other bloggers to write about their resolutions.

I asked them to share their goals for the year and why it is important to them. Or maybe they are like me and they are sharing why they don’t make New Year resolutions. Or how about doing a reverse resolution and tell us a resolution they won’t make because they know they will break it!

Whatever they chooe to write about, we are talking resolutions today!

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