When stocking up on baseball gear this season, don’t forget to think about head protection! You have your helmet, now you need another layer of protection underneath!

This is a sponsored post in partnership with 2nd Skull and The Motherhood. I received complimentary product as part of this partnership; all opinions are my own.

When my son started baseball at the young age of 4, I never really gave much thought about protection. After all, they play with a softer ball, where a helmet when they bat, and the kids aren’t throwing that hard.

Fast forward almost 6 year later and we are now in the world of travel baseball. What does that mean? That means we need to think about protective gear more seriously.

Of course, he wears a batting helmet and protective cup. It’s not until your kid gets hit with a ball do you really start to think about more ways to protect them even more. At the end of our last travel season, that is exactly what happened. My boy was at the plate. A ball was coming in fast and high. He did the right thing and turned and was hit right in the back of the head. Thankfully, he had that helmet on!

But what if there was even more ways to protect him under the helmet. Well there is!

2nd Skull® is the manufacturer of a patented protective skull cap that fits under helmets to improve safety and mitigate the impact of blows to the head. Manufactured in the U.S., the skull cap is a compressive, antimicrobial cap (which means it defends against odors and stains!) with an extra thin layer of XRD® Technology, an extreme energy absorbing material. 

At first, my son was hesitant to wear the 2nd Skull. He didn’t want it to be noticeable or have others see it. I reminded him, it was just like any other piece of equipment. In fact, his teammates wanted to check it out and the other parents were really interested. We found that the 2nd Skull Cap fit comfortably under his helmet and the sizing was perfect. The 2nd Skull Cap improves the performance of all helmets tested including both linear and rotational impacts


As a mom, I want to protect my kids as much as I can. Something as simple as the 2nd Skull is an extra added layer of protection that gives me a little peace of mind.

But how does it really work?

2nd Skull helps protect an athlete by providing a thin layer of material designed to absorb impact. Their unique construction with Poron XRD provides shock absorption qualities that are demonstrable and significant.  This claim is supported by laboratory testing.  Poron XRD, the padding material in 2nd Skull products, has been shown to absorb energy under sudden pressure or impact. 

XRD® Technology is an extreme energy absorbing material. This material is made with special urethane molecules that are soft and flexible at rest and then momentarily harden under sudden pressure.

Scientists have not reached agreement on how the results of impact absorption tests relate to neck, head,
or brain injuries, including concussions. No conclusions about a reduction of risk or
severity of neck, head, or brain injuries, including concussions, should be drawn from
impact absorption tests.

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